Brigitte Fontaine – Le Goudron

• “Le Goudron” set to a picture of the original single cover.

9.6 “All-time classic Psychedelia from France”

On my YouTube channel, I recently put out “Fabriqué en France; 130 Chansons”, a playlist containing 130 choice cuts celebrating the French alternative music scene. Pour mes Rock n Roll frères et sœurs en France.

Out of the 130 songs, around 100 came from my own collection and the rest were newly discovered from the easy and simple modern-day exploration via the big ol’ www.

I’ve made up my own (digital) mixtapes with all these newly discovered greats and I’ll post some of them here on the last great record.

First up, an awesome single from ’69. The restless actress from Brittany, by now 30, had branched out into singing and composing several years earlier.

time is a boat and the world is a cake” she sings here without a hint of self-doubt.

If Ivor Cutler had been born a weird French hippy female he might well have sounded a bit like Brigitte.

On this evidence, and from what I’ve read, I’ve been missing out on a lot of oddness and greatness – something which I will endeavour to put right in the fullness of time.

This ethereal single marked her first collaboration with the Art Ensemble of Chicago, and pointed the way for their fabled LP of 1970, “Comme a la Radio”.

It’s on my shopping list and I just know I’m gonna LOVE it.


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