Dusty Springfield – Twenty Four Hours From Tulsa

• “Twenty Four Hours From Tulsa” set to a Dusty slideshow. Thanks to PlanetPygar.

8.5 “Excellent Pop from England”

I do believe this is the first post on The Last Great Record to be tagged “Pop”. Well, there’s a first time for everything…

I recently picked up on Dusty Springfield’s debut album from 1964 – with this this LP, she finally broke free of the shackles that came with being a singer with the Springfields; her solo debut was built around the music that was in her heart, and her soulful pop vision was laid out very nicely over the course of the 12 tracks. She was still a Springfield by name, but the front cover was clear with the statement that she was now “A Girl Called Dusty”.

You can read the album review on my Album Chart of 1964 (#28), published just one hour ago!

Best track was “Twenty Four Hours from Tulsa” which proved to be a real show stopper. I’ve always loved Gene Pitney’s original, but Dusty elevates it to another place; she sure could read a song…


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