Indoda Mahlatini na Madodana – Sidedeleni Sigiye

• “Sidedeleni Sigiye” set to a picture of the housing album cover.

8.9 “Excellent Africana from South African”

The great Mahlathini, from his LP “Indoda Mahlatini na Madodana” (Goli GOL E-307, 1979). This is my favourite track on the album – wonderful performances all round here – both musically and vocally.

The literal translation for “Sidedeleni Sigiye” at comes out to something along the lines of “Make room for we perform war antics”. If anyone can improve that translation then please do!

The main man is flanked by a tightly knit male and female vocal ensemble, with leads and harmonies coming in and out all over the place during the course of the 3 minutes. The album billing would literally translate as “The Man with Bush Hair and Sons”. Again, whether that sheds any light on anything is debatable!

They’re not all as good as this one, but it’s a really good album and, while it’s out of print, it’s currently available to be downloaded, enjoyed and shared for free at Electric Jive.


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