Buriana – Pica Malembe

• “Pica Malembe” original music video. Thanks to Hochi Fu.

8.8 Excellent Alternative Dance from Angola”

After being reminded about that stupendous Buraka Som Sistema album from the late 00s I decided to have a quick browse to see what’s happening in the world of “Kudero”, the exciting alt-dance form native to Angola. I don’t have much spare time to spend right now, but I couldn’t find much to excite until I chanced upon Buriana.

This is a terrific production from Powerhouse, an “Angolan music producer with intentions to break the international market”. Seems like there’s a small team behind it, but Hochi Fu (aka Big Papa) seems to be the main man – he’s the big guy in the vid with the blue Powerhouse shirt. Product placement there, see? Quite right Mr. Fu.

Certainly, the output from Buriana (only 13 – shades of  Annabella Lwin?) rocks it every time. This girl packs a whole load of energy, attitude and a great sense of rhythm into her delivery – and her moves and looks won’t do her any harm.

First out was “Pica Malembe”, uploaded to YouTube back in May and subsequently made available on the compilation “Dança Kuduro 3D: Kizomba & African Vibes”.

Also included on that compile is “Xocota”.

Avião” is her latest digital single, out on Amazon and i-tunes since August 2015.

Pica Malembe” is best, but all three of her tracks are worthwhile – edgy productions with some nice licks and tricks, and tough-gal rap everytime.

Angola FI GO!


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