Jairos Jiri Sunrise Kwela Band – Take Cover

• “Take Cover” set to a picture of the original housing album label. Thanks to Alboma African Music.

9.6 “All-time classic Africana from Zimbabwe”

Awesome creativity here from the Jit-Jive 10-piece, their second appearance on thelastgreatrecord.

Continuing a fine tradition of “Tommy Gun” musical improv, as practiced by Elvis on “King Creole” in ’58 and later by The Clash in ‘78, the Jairos Jiri Band proffered their version in 1980. Unlike Elvis and The Clash, they were coming from the grim realities of civil war in their own towns and villages.

When performed live, Paul Matavire’s shouts of “Take Cover!” would be followed by one or more of the guitarists posturing and playing “in action”, providing an onstage audio-visual re-enactment of the war-torn streets.

“Take Cover” can be dated to its appearance on “Hits Of Zimbabwe Vol. 1” (Zimbabwe ZML-1002, 1980).

The MP3 is available these days on Amazon – best 79p I’ve spent this month.


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