Mireille Mathieu – La Marseillaise

• “La Marseillaise” set to a video filmed in 1989. Thanks to sorren193.

8.5 “Excellent Crooner / Cabaret from France”

I realised today today that I don’t have a recording of “La Marseillaise” so that has been put to rights.

Strangely, my chosen version (sourced from Amazon) seems to be attributed to Edith Piaf when it is quite clearly Mireille Mathieu. Edith was a great influence over Mireille, so I’m sure she will be very flattered by the misunderstanding.

A little research reveals that Edith never recorded the song, which is a shame – it would surely have been the ultimate version. However, in the hands of Mireille I think we have the next best thing.

Her stirring version, very much in the old traditional style, was issued in France as a 7” single back in 1988 (EMI 1736697). She was commissioned to record the song to help commemorate the 100th year of the Eiffel Tower in 1989.

One of my most memorable nights ever was in a French café in 1998 watching the Romania vs England game. I led half the gathering with “Flower of Scotland” from a table top, which was followed by a Lyonnaise gentleman by the name of Bruno doing the same with “La Marseillaise”. There were big smiles, clinking of glasses and man hugs all over the place.

On this dark weekend I stand shoulder to shoulder with Bruno and all of my French brothers and sisters.

The deranged beasts masquerading as men of religion can never win.

Solidarité de Glasgow.


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