John Moriri and Manzini Girls – Isithukuthuku Senja Siphelela Eboyeni

• “Isithukuthuku Senja Siphelela Eboyeni” set to an image of a later compilation album.

9.3 “Classic Africana from South Africa”

Classic business from 1977 – funky chicken chin every time.

This one recently featured on Nick Lotay’s excellent compilation, “Electric Jive 400”, celebrating 400 posts on the wonderful Electric Jive blog which specialises in keeping alive out of print South African gems such as these.

This group had started out as John Moriri and the Mthunzini Girls under Mavuthela Music Company at Gallo Records. In 1972 John Moriri quit Gallo and formed a new group called John Moriri and Manzini Girls, recording for the Satbel company. They enjoyed great successes there with a string of hit singles like “Wegogo”, “Wendoda Mazibuko”, “Ngwana”, “Malo We” and “Nyale”. “Isithukuthuku Senja Siphelela Eboyeni” was one of their later releases in 1977, just before Moriri went on to explore the soul-disco market as a solo performer.

It’s currently available for free – you really should go get it!


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