Rodriguez – Cause

• “Cause” set to a picture of the housing album cover. Thanks to wrath3agle.

9.8 “All-time classic Folk from the USA”

I’ve finally added the second Rodriguez album to my collection, a transaction which was always inevitable after having watched the documentary film about him a couple of years back.

Album closer “Cause” is a stunner – sublime imagery and gorgeous production, every bit the equal of Nick Drake, the master of the genre.

Steve Rowland (the record’s producer) in the documentary “Searching for Sugarman” made this astute summation:

Couple of them [talking about songs from “Coming From Reality”] are so sad. There is one in there, that’s absolutely a killer. One of the saddest songs (…) I’ve ever heard. [listens to the song]

That really makes me sad, because that was the last song we recorded… And was makes it even sadder is, the album was released in November 1971. And we expected big things and it did absolutely nothing. And then two weeks before christmas Sussex dropped him off the label – and the very first line of the song as if premonition was… Oh man, you have to think about that. This guy deserves recognition!

Nobody was interested in listening to this in 1971. What was wrong with music fans back then?

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