Alpheus Ramavhea – Mufarekano

• “Mufarekano” set to the housing album cover.

9.7 “All-time classic Africana from South Africa”

All-time classic business here, what a cut. This one lives on his 1982 LP “Ndo Shavha Tshikolo” (Igagasi IAL-3029) which is undoubtedly boosted by the production skills of the legendary Mavuthela guitarist Marks Mankwane.

Where has Alpheus Ramavhea been all my life? He doesn’t seem to have registered much of a legacy outside of his homelands, which seems a travesty based on the evidence here.

The album is truly exceptional, loving every piece of everything on it, most especially those female backing vocals, which give the impression of being “slightly off” to the layman’s ear. The run from “Vhuhadzi” to “Mufarekano” on Side 1 is blindingly brilliant.

The whole set is right up there with The Fall, Laurie Anderson, The Beat and The Violent Femmes as one of the albums of the year in 1982. (According to Rebel sensibilities).

“Ndo Shavha Tshikolo” has been out of print for decades but you can grab a free download copy while that remains the case. Go get it from Electric Jive!


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