Wanda Jackson – Weary Blues From Waitin’

• “Weary Blues From Waitin’” set to the housing album cover. Thanks to mrblindfreddy9999.

9.9 “All-time classic Country from the USA”

Reporting in with the results from my Wanda binge, loads of bounty, though perhaps not as much as I’d have liked from such an extensive undertaking.

Turns out my new favourite Wanda song is also my favourite Hank Williams song (MGM-11574 from 1953).

Her version was first issued as a single at the tail end of 1964. Wanda’s reading is impeccable; she adds even more depth to the original – it’s so beautiful it nearly makes me faint. What a gal.

These are the ten that’ll fare best in my year end charts to come:

1 – Weary Blues From Waitin’ (9.9, “All-time classic Country”, 1964)
2 – Schick Ihn Nicht Fort, Daddy (8.9, “Excellent Soul Ballad”, 1970)
3 – Half As Good A Girl (8.6, “Excellent Country”, 1956)
4 – You Don’t Know Baby (8.6, “Excellent Blues / Rhythm n Blues”, 1962)
5 – What Am I Living For (8.5, “Excellent Blues / Rhythm n Blues”, 1963)
6 – Since I Met You Baby (8.4, “Fantastic Country”, 1963)
7 – Slippin’ (8.4, “Fantastic Country”, 1963)
8 – Der Mond Ist Der Freund Der Verliebten (8.3, “Fantastic Cerebral Pop”, 1967)
9 – Night Life (8.3, “Fantastic Blues / Rhythm n Blues”, 1965)
10 – Funnel Of Love (8.2, “Fantastic Blues / Rhythm n Blues”, 1961)


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