Wanda Jackson – You Don’t Know Baby

• “You Don’t Know Baby” set to a Wanda / Art slideshow. Thanks to sEra323.

8.6 “Excellent Blues / Rhythm n Blues from the USA”

I’ve spent a large part of August listening to, literally, hundreds of Wanda Jackson songs, courtesy of the very fine, and extensive, box sets from Bear Records, from which I’ve been able to recreate 28 of her original albums! Well, if a job’s worth doing…

Today’s selection comes from the first of the two boxsets, “Right Or Wrong”, which focuses on her earlier years, 1954-62. “You Don’t Know” first appeared on her 5th LP, “Wonderful Wanda” in 1962.

It’s often said that there two sides to Wanda – the country gal and the rocker chick. I was pleased to discover, therefore, that she was also no mean blues chanteuse.

“You Don’t Know” was originally done by BB King in 1957, it’s probably safe to say that Wanda is coming from the Peggy Lee version of 1958, which appeared on the flip to “Fever”.

Right here, she be smokin’ hot…


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