Angélique Kidjo – M’Baamba (Kenyan Song)

• “M’Baamba (Kenyan Song)” set to the winning smile of Angélique. Thanks to michael waters.

8.5 “Excellent Africana from Benin”

The tenth post on thelastgreatrecord – and the third from Angélique Kidjo. I guess this is the pattern that this blog will take as I veer from artist to artist, although I’m making a firm pledge that there’ll never be more than one track per album.

This is the opening track on her 2014 album “Eve”, another grammy award winner, not my usual hunting ground it has to be said.

Fact is, if I wasn’t spreading my net so far and wide, i’d be missing little gems like M’Baamba (Kenyan Song)”, a transglobal bam bam which wouldn’t be out of place in M.I.A.’s catalogue. Love that choral chanting from the girls. And I wonder how much it cost to import Harry J with his organ?

Fantastique Angelique.


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