Seckou Keita – Mikhi Nathan Mu-Toma (The Invisible Man)

• “Mikhi Nathan Mu-Toma” original music video. Thanks to Seckou Keita.

7.7 “Great Folk from Senegal”

This captivating piece was played on the Mark Cunliffe show in July. It was on the verge of passing me bye until something just connected halfway through, almost as if I had been put under a spell. What a great player – melodic and rhythmic, the last couple of minutes here are especially glorious. It was an added bonus to find a video for the piece – he seems like he was born cool. Seckou’s a Senegalese lad, now based in England, where he’s busy running workshops as well as recording and touring. Writing for, Helen Gregory, in her review of the housing “22 Strings” album said:

“Seckou’s quest for answers to those questions around his identity continues in Mikhi Nathan Mu-Toma. The title translates as “The Invisible Man”, which we know from the sleeve notes is a reference to his father, and it’s as much a eulogy as it is a meditation on some of the fundamental questions of existence. From a quiet, downbeat beginning, it grows into an affirmation of life founded on a recognition of shared humanity. The expressions that cross Seckou’s face in the accompanying video are as touching to see as they are deeply personal, and while the onlooker may initially feel that she is somehow intruding on private grief, it’s impossible not to be caught up in the piece. The moment where a broad smile spreads across Seckou’s face as he finds himself in the moment, at one with his music and his past and present, is one of the most heartwarming things I’ve seen in a music video in a very long time – but even without that visual accompaniment, this beautifully elegaic composition remains one of the standout tracks on the record.”

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