Inflatable Boy Clams – I’m Sorry

• “I’m Sorry” set to a picture of the housing EP cover. Thanks to Owl Cave Books.

8.1 “Fantastic Avant-Garde from the USA”

Just heard this one on Kevin Robinson’s excellent show on Dandelion Radio this month, made me smile. Inflatable Boy Clams were all-female performance-art punkers outta San Fran in the early 80s, orbiting in Kleenex / Raincoats territory. This one originally came out on their 2 x 7″ s/t EP back in 1981 (Subterranean Records SUB-20). With copies trading for $50 on e-bay it was re-issued a few months back on Superior Viaduct for a (slightly) more appealing $15 (or you can just pick up tracks individually for 99p at Amazon). Seems to me it’s a bit of an answer follow-up to “What Can I Say After I Say I’m Sorry?”, a popular song by Walter Donaldson (m.) and Abe Lyman (w.), published in 1926. “I’m Sorry” is one of those pieces that is once heard, never forgotten… can you believe she fried the dog? If you’ve ever had a really annoying girlfriend this one’s for you…


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